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Introducing - Struktol® HT 750

Introducing - Struktol® HT 750

Processing Additive for Diamine Crosslinking Polymers

Struktol® HT 750 is the first in a new series of additives for diamine crosslinking polymers. Diamine crosslinking polymers are a challenge because physical properties are often compromised due to the high loading of additives necessary for processing.
Struktol® HT 750 was developed to overcome these negative effects, while achieving excellent processability.Among its many processing advantages, it maximizes release, increases silica dispersion and lowers compression set without sacrificing other physical properties. Furthermore, Struktol® HT 750 offers the option to reduce or replace some traditional processing additives like Stearic Acid or Alkyl Phosphate in both white and black filled compounds and Amino-Silanes in white filled compounds. In addition, modifications in the polymer activity level are possible upon request.

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