Sulphur Preparations based on soluble sulphur

Soluble Sulphur

"Flowers of Sulphur" was the initial commercially available soluble sulphur product, which is no longer used in the manufacturing of rubber goods, as the acidic character from the sulphur dioxide formed by sublimation in production had ecologically undesirable side-effects. Strongly regulated now, low values of H2SO4 are specified for any sulphur used within the rubber industry.

Years of innovation have now lead to the development of sulphur that is purer and better prepared for its role in rubber processing. Struktol soluble sulphur products (all available types see bleow) compromise fine particles of ground sulphur together with dispersing additives that are safe and effective in use.

  • Struktol® SU 95
  • Struktol® SU 105
  • Struktol® SU 120
  • Struktol® SU 75 L
  • Struktol® SU 95 L