The ageing of latex products is affected by a large number of interacting factors, e.g. exposure to oxygen, heat, light and ozone. Antioxidants included in latex and latex products reduce the rate of polymer's degradation. The effectiveness of an antioxidant in latex depends not only on the chemical structure but also on its particle size and surface area.

Schill+Seilacher's aqueous antioxidant dispersions:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly concentrated and effective at low dosages
  • Dramatically improved ageing behaviour
  • Not discolouring and non -staining

Our state of the art production processes produce emulsions that exhibit a very narrow fine particle size distribution.

More than 90 % of the particles in a typical Struktol emulsion are less than 1 μm in size, leading to a significantly increased particle surface area that is five times greater than that of dispersions produced in conventional grinding machines, and up to 500 times more particles per gram of antioxidant. The result is a more uniform distribution of antioxidant particles throughout the latex product, quicker dissolution of the antioxidant into the rubber phase, and better antioxidant performance at low dosage levels.