Epoxyprepolymers for prepreg applications

Preimpregnated laminates are resin matrix systems, reinforced with glass-, carbon- and
aramide-fibres. Cured at higher temperature a solid structure is build which is highly durable,
temperature resistant and stiff. Prepregs are used for a wide range of applications: aerospace-,
transports-, marine, sports and leisure (e.g. windmill-/rotor-blades, high speed trains, fast
boats, golf clubs and snowboards). Weight saving with prepregs is significant in comparison to
other materials (e.g. metal).

Combining prepregs with honeycombs (composites) best performance can be achieved with
Struktol® Polydis®: mechanical properties (toughening) and tackyness of the prepreg is
improved. With Struktol® Polydis® flame retardands, epoxy based prepregs can be provided
with halogen free, smoke density- and flammability-reducing, none-toxic properties.

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