Flame Retardants

Struktol® Polydis® Flame Retardants

Struktol® Polyphlox® Flame retardants are reactive, phosphorous organic substances and are toxologically harmless, even in case of fire.

Well known and established flame retardants for epoxies like tetrabromobisphenol A, antimony trioxide together with TBBA, aluminium and magnesium hydroxide, ammonia polyphosphate and melamine derivates are either questionable because of toxicological and ecological reasons or can simply only be used as a replacement in some applications as they act as non reactive filler.

As our Struktol® Polyphlox® 37 products are chemically bond to the resin matrix, the mechanical and chemical properties are not being influenced and most important our product is toxicologically harmless. With the amount of phosphorous organic substance added (means the amount of phosphorous in system) the optimal property profile for the respective application can be achieved. Fire protection regulations are achieved without loss of important product properties like Tg, modulus, etc. Most important though for your application, the products will be equipped toxic free!

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