Epoxy prepolymers for electrical application

Epoxy resins are used in many parts of electrical systems. Integrated circuits are often
encapsulated with epoxy-novolac moulding to protect them from light, heat, humidity, dust,
physical shock, e.g. motors, generators, bushings, insulators, transformers and complete
printed circuit board covering (aerospace and defence). One of the main components beside
glass-fibre is the use of epoxy resins for printed circuit boards and flexible laminates.

With new regulations regarding lead free soldering, a new way of combining computer chips
with circuit boards is required. Shock resistant silver filled epoxy adhesives modified with
Struktol® Polydis® are best to substitude common ways of soldering. Epoxy resins are
also used in bonding copper foil to circuit board substrates.
With Struktol® Polydis® flame retardands, epoxy based printed circuit boards can be
provided with halogen free, smoke density- and flammability-reducing, none-toxic properties.

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