Epoxyprepolymers for composites application

With well formulated epoxies, composite manufacturers will realize the greatest degree of
bond strength and toughness in all categories of work. In case where parts manufactured with
polyesters or vinylesters were yielded to strain and cracked, toughened well reinforced epoxy
repair will hold the substrate with 2000 psi strength (vinylester: 500 psi).

Struktol® Polydis® prepolymers improve toughening to withstand the force applied to the
area of effect and include the benefits from the beginning, when added to the basic resin.
Composite manufacturers use different types of materials in combination with resins and curing
agents, e.g. 1-Component-Epoxy-Adhesive with carbon-, aramide-, glass-fibres and basic
materials like metal, plastics and wood. Composites are used in many different applications e.g.
structural parts for aerospace, marine, construction and transportation industry (side-
/floorpanels, walls, pipes, windmills, boats, etc.). Shock and heat resistance can be improved
with Struktol® Polydis® additives in combination with flame retardance and flexibility.

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