Epoxyprepolymers for adhesives applications

High performance epoxy adhesives are part of a class of structural or engineering adhesives.
This group also includes polyurethanes, acrylic, cyanoacrylic and other comparable chemistries
and formulators are often switching from one chemistry to another to meet customer
requirements (e.g. from PU to Epoxy).

Epoxy adhesives are used where high strength bonds are required e.g. construction of
automobiles, airplanes, transports (trains, trucks, etc.), bikes, snowboards, golf clubs, marine
and many more. Epoxy adhesives can be used for stone, glass, metal, plastics and wood.
Modification is done in several ways like making them flexible or rigid, transparent or opaque,
maybe colorful, high and low viscous. Adhesion on oily surface and toughening can also be
improved with Struktol® Polydis® prepolymers.

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