Struktol Polydis® Products – Two strong Material-Groups designed by Schill+Seilacher “Struktol” GmbH

  • Elastomer modified epoxy products
  • Reactive organophosphorous flame retardants and resins

Struktol® Polydis® 36.. series are prepolymers, synthesized by the reaction of end-capped reactive elastomers with epoxy resins. Schill+Seilacher “Struktol” GmbH provides customers an exceptional additive for their epoxy resin application to improve dramatically the mechanical- and thermo stability within all ranges.

With the use of these different types of elastomer modified prepolymers, the consumer will realize a significant enhancement in improving the impact resistance, flexibilization and adhesion on oily steel as well.

The Struktol® Polydis® 36.. products may be recommended wherever the properties of the epoxy resin needed to be improved, but especially in the adhesives, castings, coatings, prepregs and composites industry. Important to know is that the prepolymers may be combined with all conventional epoxy resins and hardeners.

We always like to combine our know-how in chemical specialities with the demands of the market. Our extensive and well equipped laboratories with our R+D team are looking always for “Tailor-made Solutions” in cooperation with our customers.