Adhesives and glues

The formation of foam during the production of adhesives and glues is caused by the presence of foam active substances such as emulsifiers, tensides and high turbulences etc. Struktol antifoams are very effective during the production and application of paint, ink and coatings under acid or alkaline conditions. The presence of surface defects such as pinholes is minimal when processed correctly. They are in conformity with most relevant food laws, such as FDA 176.210 and BfR XIV and XXXVI. Further details of regulatory status are available on request.

The dosage rates for Struktol antifoam agents depend on several parameters such as used raw materials and type of application. The most effective antifoam product and necessary dosage depends on used raw materials and processing method and has to be identified individually for every recipe by carrying out pre-trials. Also the potential influence on the coating surface must be found out by pre-tests.