Technical Applications

In the food and non-food processing industries, there are a diverse set of causes that lead to foam formation. The common consequence is a breakdown in production and a significant material loss.

Schill + Seilacher's intelligent antifoam agents work both preventively, blocking foam's initial formation, or prescriptively, eliminating it once it appears. Our antifoam agents meet a wide range of requirements and applications while having a negligible effect on the production cycle itself. They support process stability, optimize final product quality and prevent contamination and other similar side effects. In addition, our innovative Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH designed dosing system ensures optimal dosing.

As an established and proven industry partner, we are able to offer high quality, advanced and dependable antifoam agents worldwide with short lead times and competent and capable costumer service. Schill+Seilacher's antifoam agents are already common in the construction materials industry (e. g. mortar and conrcete manufacturing), water treatment, paper industry, food processing (e. g. potato and sugar beet processing) and fermentation applications (e. g. bio fuels).

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