Vegetable processing

The generation of foam during the production of frozen vegegables is caused by the presence of foam active substances in the process such as proteins, starch and/or by-products.

Struktol antifoams are effective during the whole process - washing, peeling, blanching etc. The mentioned products are ready to use as process aids according to the German LFGB §2, Abs. 3, Nr. 1. The dosage rate for antifoams depends on several parameters e.g. type of vegetables, temperatures, pH-values, water hardness, factory setup and others. Due to this it is impossible to predict an appr. dosage rate without having detailed information. Common foam active vegetables are peas, beans, spinach and others.

The most effective antifoam product, necessary dosage quantities and best possible addition points depend on a.m. factory conditions and must be found out for each individual factory by carrying out work trials.