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From a producer of chemicals for leather processing to a global player in the production of industrial process additives.…

tl_files/struktol/content/ueber-uns/Historie/seilacher.jpgChristoph Seilacher and Karl Schill founded a small factory in 1877 in Heilbronn, Germany, where they began the production of leather processing chemicals. By 1925 the operation had grown and expanded to the point where the owners of Schill + Seilacher opened an additional production site in Hamburg to cater to the expanding needs of its customer base, whilst securing better access to the international market through the city’s bustling port.

Following the Second World War, Schill + Seilacher moved its Heilbronn operation to the city of Böblingen, a suburb of Stuttgart. Though both locations – Hamburg and Böblingen – shared the same name, they served different industries and therefore the facilities worked independent of one another.

Expanding its global reach, Schill + Seilacher ventured into the North American market in 1979 with the establishment of Struktol Company of America. SCA is located at the heart of the American rubber industry, just outside of Akron, OH in Stow, and primarily supplies the plastics, rubber and tire industries with its state of the art production facility and analytical capabilities.

The newest member of the Group, Schill + Seilacher Chemie GmbH, situated on the banks of the Elbe just south of Dresden in Pirna, Germany, was acquired in the early 1990s and serves as both a production and research facility for silicone based chemistry.

Today, the products of Schill + Seilacher are successfully utilised worldwide in the paper and leather industries, in synthetic fiber and textile production, in the rubber and latex industry, as well as many other sectors.

tl_files/struktol/content/ueber-uns/Historie/schill.jpgOver 600 employees worldwide are responsible for the success of the innovative and family-owned Schill + Seilacher Group, whose vigourous research and development ensures a continued and dynamic growth. The high quality standard characterising our products is guaranteed by the successful harmonisation of our application experts, each of whom boasts outstanding qualifications, our state of the art laboratories, which incorporate all the latest testing equipment, our modern production methods, and our certified quality management system (ISO 9001).

In addition to our extensive range of high quality products, we offer our customers everything needed to successfully integrate our additives into their production, including detailed product information, recipe recommendations, test and training programs, and complete and specific solutions to address each of our customer’s unique set of challenges.